Success Story: Keep On Believing No Matter How Long It Takes!

The success story shared today shows how important faith and belief is in leading a good positive life. The author kept her strong faith and used visualization to manifest her dreams.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my story even though it happened a few years ago. I had learned about The Secret book through my sister in 2014. In that year I had read so many stories from this page and it made me positive and grateful for my life.

During that same year I wanted a son. So to begin, I cleared one of my closets to create space for his clothes and I used to sleep with my teddy bear and pretend that I am sleeping with my son. I even used to keep a pregnant picture in my phone and visualized myself being pregnant. That was in November 2014. On the 20th of February I received the good news that I was expecting! Now my son is 14 months old and he is wonderful.

Just believe that one day your wish will come true, no matter how long it takes. Thank you everyone who is sharing their stories, it helps others to achieve their goals.

I can’t wait to come back with my new story which is a new job that I have been waiting for in the Agriculture sector, because that’s what I had studied for.

Author: U.N.T Shindongo from Oshakati, Namibia
About the Author: I am a 32 year old lady from a beautiful country, Namibia, in Africa. I am kind and shy but very loving. I have a wonderful 14 month old son that I love so much.

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