Success Story: Finding a Lost Book With the Law of Attraction

All of us might have lost something or the other over the years but have you tried finding it using the law of attraction? In today’s story the author describes how she used the law of attraction to find her lost book, not once but twice.

It is just amazing that there is so much for everyone. I had once lost a book and the school would charge me a five if I was unable to return it. One day I told myself I am going to find the book and I said I already have that book. I kept saying that until it got stuck into my head and when it did, a day later I found my book in the library.

I had lost my book again, and this time I couldn’t feel receiving the book, even though I was trying my best. So, I wrote a note on my phone about how I had already received the book and thanked the Universe for it. Whenever I used to look at my phone I used to say that I already have that book. After, doing this for less than half a day, I found my book.

Thank you Universe, I have achieved a lot in life. Earlier, I didn’t know you were the one doing it but now that I know, I can’t thank you enough. But none the less, thank you. I am very grateful to you as well as Rhonda Byrne Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am for making us aware about The Secret, you truly are a selfless women. Thank you again Universe.

Author: Ishika Sharma from India
About the author: Hi! I am a high school student. I study in 10th class.

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