Law of Attraction Success Story: My Key To Believing

Today something a bit inspirational happened to me and I want to share my story.

I have a friend that is a big believer in The Secret. A couple of Christmas’ ago she gave me the makings of a vision board for me to create. I spent time on it and put all the things that I was grateful for and all the things that I wanted to achieve and acquire. It is currently placed on my desk so I can see it every day when I am working. Over the summer I bought the audiobook of The Secret and would listen to it when I had a few minutes. But like most I would revert back to my usual routine of not following through. This past Christmas my same friend gave me the book How the Secret Changed My Life.

Recently I started to spend some time reading the stories and found them intriguing. I also started to get a better understanding of how the concept of the law of attraction works. I decided this time to really focus on being grateful for all that I have and learned how to vision, as if I am presently living it, what I wish or want.

I read somewhere along the way to put the law of attraction to the test with a request for something unique. I did try this prior, but it was unsuccessful due to my non-diligence. This time, I thought, I would really ask for it, envision what it would feel like once received and become a believer.  So a few days ago I decided on what I would ask for and put the law of attraction into practice. Since then, I spend time in the morning before I get out of bed and at night when I get into bed reciting all that I am grateful for and envisioning all that I want as if it was the present. Further, I envisioned receiving my unique ask.

The only people I told about my unique ask was my friend the believer and my husband, who looked at me like I was crazy. But what did I have to lose? Nothing! If anything I will become a more positive person with happier thoughts, no harm done.

Recently I have started the Whole30 dietary program along with some of my friends. While it is going well a few of us have seemed to be growing a little restless with avoiding social situations to avoid the temptations of dietary restrictions (fun food and martinis).  Last night a friend and I were talking about looking for projects to keep us busy on the weekends. She talked about cleaning out her storage unit and sent me some pictures of what she was in for. The pictures took me back to when I would watch the show Clean Sweep, a show about taking disaster to a functional living space. I used to love watching, but it would always make me want to organize something in my house. A drawer. A closet. A whatever. So, like before, that feeling came flooding back to me! I have been meaning to tidy up my laundry room closet so I went down and one thing lead to another. I started moving things around and looking for new places for miscellaneous items. I needed a place for some arts and craft paints and I remembered that I had this bin in the cabinet over my washer machine. Let me interrupt by saying that this bin held such random things, you know, those things you don’t know where to put so you just, well, throw them in a bin. This bin has been kept in that cabinet since we moved in eleven years ago.  Anyway I pulled it out, opened it up and found my unique ask. A RED KEY. This red key was sitting at the bottom of the bin in a bag among several other everyday run of the mill keys.

Yes, a red key is what I asked the Universe to give me. Why? Well I spent some time really thinking about what it was that I wanted that was slightly random. One of the stories I read in the book was a person who asked for a red thimble. So I thought and thought and thought some more. My logic was that I love the color red and a key is something I could put on my key ring and use it as a daily reminder to believe. Which is where it resides now.

Coincidence, maybe. I can honestly say that I had no idea that this bag of keys existed, no idea what they belong to and no idea how long they have been tucked away in that bin. I am going to believe that is was the law of attraction that made it appear to me. This will keep me motivated in my continual gratitude for all that I have and all that I envision having. A life of wonderful things!

Take from this what you will, a delusional hopeful, a fun story or to begin your own law of attraction.

Author: Mary Kay A. from Chalfont, PA
About the author: I am 42 years old. I have been married for 22 years. We have 2 beautiful children, ages 19 and 21. I have always been grateful for my family and my life. I have, though, always struggled with our financial situation. Maybe even a bad attitude towards it. So that it why I wanted to really make The Secret work for me. To change how I think about money and finances. To live a life of abundance. I shared my story with my friend and she suggested I further share it with The Secret.

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