Success Story: The Journey To Ultimate Joy And Gratitude

in today’s success story the author describes how using the law of attraction she met the perfect match for her.

First things first. Thank you! Thank you Rhonda Byrne for sharing The Secret with the rest of the world and for showing us how to manifest anything in our lives.

My story starts quite frustrating but ends with an ending that blew my mind away when I realised what I had manifested into my life.

From the age of 16 until the age of 19 I had been in a relationship with a man that I was madly in love with and loved to death. The first one year and a half was beautiful, amazing and full of love. By the time he went to university in Athens, things started to change. He became non respectful, aggressive, a completely different person! I thought at first he changed like this because he was now far away from his family, living alone for the first time in a huge city all by himself. I thought it was just a phase he was going through but things stayed this way and got a lot worse. Anyway, I found myself stuck in a toxic, mentally abusive relationship with a man that I loved and cherished no matter what.

I used The Secret for a solid two years every day trying to fix this relationship but it didn’t work! He was so negative and so mean it hurt me. So I started to change the way I was thinking. Despite my misery and pain, I thought maybe the Universe is trying to show me that this man was not right for me. That maybe this is the reason it didn’t work out with this man. But also by that time, I started asking the Universe to bring into my life a man that will respect me, take good care of me, not ignore me, make me feel worthy again, love me and make me smile and laugh!

And so it happened! After praying to God and asking the Universe to bring me the right man for months, I went back to my hometown to celebrate the holidays. I promised myself that I would do anything it takes to make myself happy. And then, he showed up within one week! I went out with friends for a drink on Christmas Eve, and just a little bit after the clock striked 12, he came! He introduced himself but I blew his mind away after telling him that we had already met, and indeed we had! We met in the summer, when he said hello to the same friends that I went out with this Christmas Eve!

He is exactly how I wanted my ideal man to be! He has everything I wished for! After our great night with our friends we got closer. He confessed his love for me. Around that time I broke up with the man that I had been with for three years, and after one month I was officially in a relationship with my ideal one.

Things are beyond magical!! I have never been treated so nice in my life! The respect and love he shows me can’t be described. I am so grateful I have tears right now running down on my cheeks. I am so grateful every single day that I have him by my side, I love him so much! I can’t believe I am happy and grateful again!

Thank you Universe for bringing back to my life joy and happiness! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me not lose hope! May you follow your bliss and may joy and gratitude brighten up your life! You can achieve anything anywhere! Thank you!

Author Christiana P from Greece
About the Author: I am a student at the Athens School of Fine Arts. I was born in Switzerland and since 2004 I live in Greece. I am a minimalist and I love food, cooking, nature, travelling and reading books. I came across The Secret 4 years ago and it has completely changed my life and it still does every day. I have manifested everything in my life from school, to family, friends, financial issues and my life partner. I am an optimist and I manifested gratitude back into my life.

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