Success Story: Being With The Ideal Man Of Your Life

In today’s story the author describes how she used the powerful visualization tools to be with the guy she always wanted to be with.

Thank you Rhonda for bringing “The Magic” into our lives! My sister recommended this book to me when I was going through a horrible, heart breaking and painful break up. I was totally broken and I thought I could never love again. But here I am. Writing the story about the guy I always wanted to be with!

The first 6 months after my break up were horrible. Only “The Magic” made them less painful and slightly tolerable. I could not move on without it! After those 6 months, I started visualizing myself with a guy I used to have a crush on. I had never talked to him but my family was friends with his family. I always thought that I would be really happy with this guy! At first, my feelings were that intense but after 5-6 months, I became sure that I just wanted to be with him. I loved his family background and I knew he would always keep me happy. More than that, I had started falling in love with him, so I wanted to be with him, to make him happy and to grow with him.

Just before a month from my birthday, I started visualizing that he is there on my birthday and we were celebrating it. I used to be grateful to the Universe for those moments. I didn’t know how it was going to happen and I just let it go and trust the Universe with all my heart.

I never believed in real life magic, but that day it happened. He was there when I cut my birthday cake! He had just met me a few days before and we just started our friendship. My friends invited him and he was there. It was unbelievable!

I cannot thank the Universe enough for this! I cannot wait to see myself marrying him and having the life I always dreamed of! Thank you Universe! Thank you to The Secret team!


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