Success Story: Got A Speeding Ticket Dismissed With Law of Attraction

In today’s story the author describes how she got her speeding ticket dismissed.

I was on my way to work recently and had only gone a mile or so out of town when I noticed I had accelerated to a speed of 68 in a 55 mph zone! I had just gotten a new car and wasn’t used to how fast it picked up speed. I immediately hit the brake and slowed down. A State Patrol pulled me over and fined me $175 and 4 points. He didn’t want to hear my story of having a new car or that I immediately slowed down. He clocked me at 68 and that was that. I debated even going to court for it because, after all, I was speeding. I went to the first court date and pleaded “not guilty” in the hopes of having it reduced. I knew if I just paid the fine I would lose 4 points and my car insurance would go up. I was assigned a date with the District Attorney.

The weekend before I went for that meeting, I kept envisioning that the ticket was dismissed and I would pay no money. My driving record would stay clean and my insurance would stay at the same good rate that it was. I believed it with all my heart and didn’t let any doubt in my mind. I kept saying thank you and stayed being grateful.

At the meeting, the District Attorney read my report and commented on “the new car”. I said yes, it’s a new car and I slowed down immediately but the police officer had already clocked me at 68. He also talked about my previous clean driving record and said he was willing to work with me. If I could keep my record clean without any traffic offenses for the next 4 months, he would dismiss the current ticket! I walked out of there not paying a penny and with all of my points! I believe!!!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

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