Success Story: Got My Job By Imagining My Teacher’s Desk

This success story is really inspiring and will actually show you anything can be manifested by following the powerful processes. The author narrates how she used the visualization techinique to secure a job as a teacher.

After my graduation I struggled to get a job. Most of the international schools are kind of reluctant to take in fresh graduates because of our lack of experience. Most of my friends managed to secure a job in international schools because of their networks in the administration department. I can say that my networking and communicating skills sucked. Yet I kept my hopes high and applied for jobs every single day.

I attended a couple of interviews but none of it them offered me a job which lead me to be more frustrated and depressed. One day I was Googling for some good songs in Youtube. I came across The Secret audiobook. I remembered The Secret clearly. Because of The Secret I managed to get enrolled in a university and managed to secure one of the most prestigious scholarships in the country, even though I am just a mediocre student.

Once I started to listen to The Secret I felt much better and much more positive. Instead manifesting a teaching job, I decided to manifest my ideal teacher’s desk. I imagined what I would love to sit at my teacher’s desk and I wrote about it on a piece of paper and felt grateful about it every single night before I went to bed.

Approximately two weeks later, I received an interview invitation from a big and prestigious international school. I did not even remember when I had sent my application to them. I attended the interview. Clearly, I was last the candidate there and once the interview was over the school principal took me on a school tour. When we reached the staffroom I was completely astounded to see an empty teacher’s desk that was exactly the same as the desk I had been imagining! I manifested it! Right at that moment, I knew this job was mine. Later that afternoon, I received a call about the job from the school and they said I would be starting on 31, January 2017!

I am so grateful for the job as my students, colleagues and the environment are super amazing. Thank you to The Secret for changing my life!

Author: Chashmish from Malaysia

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