Success Story: How I Got My iPhone for Free!

Most of us are wishing for some new smartphone or a gadget that you might not afford at this time. In today’s story the author shares how she manifested an iPhone 7 with the help of law of attraction.

I had wanted the iPhone 7 plus jet black from the minute I saw it. I just knew that one day I would have it. So I began using the law of attraction and pretending like I already had it, but nothing was happening. Months went by and still nothing. I had always heard about The Secret but I never knew what it was.

In December, I stumbled across The Secret and it changed my life completely. I then started re-attracting myself a free iPhone 7 Plus jet black 128GB, the right way. I let go and stopped doing anything that was contradicting me from receiving my dream phone. I started visualizing that I had it already. What I had to realize was that all I had to do was let go and not worry about the how, all I had to do was be grateful and believe.

I began thanking the Universe for my free iPhone 7 Plus jet black 128GB every day and felt very grateful. I wanted to receive my phone before or on Saturday, January 7th. So I said to the Universe, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing me my free iPhone 7 Plus jet black 128GB on January 7th”. I felt as if I already had it, which I did, and I let go.

You guys I received the exact phone that I wanted for free, a $900 phone for free! And guess when I receive it? Exactly on Saturday, January 7th!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You guys, ask, believe and get ready to receive in the most unexpected way. Thank you so much Rhonda.

Author: Tashaa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
About the author: The Secret and The Magic changed my life in a great way.

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  1. inspiring story. but it would be nice of you to tell us readers as to how you got it for free. can help us in manifesting

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