Success Story: From A Drug Addict to a Successful Beautiful Person

In today’s story the author describes how she had destroyed her life with alcohol and drugs followed by how she reclaimed her life with the use of gratitude and the law of attraction. If you are stuck in your life with negative addictions, you should read this story. I hope it inspires you to reclaim your life.

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but I was a Registered Nurse who lost everything, even myself to the baffling disease of addiction. I have always been a shy, fearful and guarded person. I had a strong dislike for myself, and the negative thoughts I had in my head would feed on each other, and cause me to feel even worse. I hated my body, and had no sense of spirituality. Once I began using drugs and alcohol, I almost lost my license to work as a nurse. My family tried to help, but in the end could not, and I lost my father over the ordeal, who had disowned me. My only person I would rely on was my mother.

I entered into treatment sickly, emaciated, severely depressed and suicidal. I was told there is no cure for my disease, and I must learn gratitude. I told the counselor who had explained this, that she did not know my life, what I had been through, and gratitude for what? She said I could count being able to take a breath as gratitude. I hated her for that. I was a victim in so many ways, and she was asking me to be grateful?

The next week I was in the library, and this book stuck out among the others, and I checked out “The Secret”. For the first time in my life I found a spiritual connection, and it all made sense! I began making lists of things I was grateful for, a hot shower, having a seat belt to wear in the car. I started practicing The Secret and things started happening. The Universe set me on the right path, I had so many things happen that I didn’t even ask for. I was granted to keep my nursing license, I landed a job immediately even though I explained to the hospital that I was an addict in treatment, my emotional health boosted, my self-esteem went up, and I started liking myself. I stopped being a victim when I learned the part I played in events in my life and how I attracted negativity. I worked very hard every day to stay grateful, and to recognize when the Universe granted me my wishes.

Magic is real, and love is magic. Love is the answer and it always wins. These are lessons I learned in my long path of recovery. Now I have material things like a nice car, a nice house that I rent, but I was set on a path to heal. Without even trying, I landed a job where I help others get sober. I have been on the news, have given many lectures on the disease of addiction, and I now feel I have a voice. The Secret really helped me to gain the understanding that I created my situation, and I can be given any situation if I only ask for it. When the Universe is working in your favor, or maybe the other way around, life just flows easily.

When my mother died eight months ago, I thought I would die right alongside of her, but my spiritual beliefs in The Secret way of life kept me going, and I no longer struggle with self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I have so much, and am so grateful for this chance to help myself and now others. I teach a great deal about The Secret to my patients, and it keeps going from there. I am so grateful for The Secret’s teachings.

Author: Lynn From new York State.
About the Author: I am a Registered Nurse who has found my path in life.

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