Success Story: Dream Internship With the law of Attraction

In this story the author narrates how he got his dream internship with the help of law of attraction.

At the early age of 14 I was introduced to The Secret book. This was the time when new ideas and philosophies were all so interesting to me. I just took in this new found information and tried to experiment with it. It wasn’t easy because it wasn’t working at the speed I wanted it to. But I was always clear about one thing and that was my college.

Every student of India wanted to join the prestigious IIT for which you should be able to crack IITJEE, which is one of the toughest exams in the world! I too was one among the herd. So I started to visualize myself in the IIT hostel. Stuck a drawing of me along with an imaginary roommate in my bedroom and I would meditate on it every day.

Then later at the age of 17, I realized my calling. It was to become a Designer. Now that I am 20, I am still experimenting with various career options in different fields of design. I know that the Universe will show me the way at the right time. But at the age of 17 I was obsessed with becoming an NIDian, the prestigious Design Institute and the best in Asia. But for some reason I could not crack the entrance test. I was so close to giving up on all my dreams and just do a mediocre course like Engineering or, when a well-known college happened to me! It had the syllabus I wanted and I halfheartedly joined the course.

During this period, I was undergoing depression as it was a new city and I had a lot of other personal difficulties. Those were hard times. But then something extraordinary happened amidst the blues! We all have to do an internship as part of our course for a month in the final year. So I saw a post on the NID page calling for designers for an internship at IIT campus! I was super excited and dropped them an email with my resume and portfolio attached. I was also selected for other organizations but none as good as this. I did not hear from them so I thought of giving up but after 15 days they reverted back! I jumped all around my house. The email read ‘We have evaluated your portfolio and would like to invite you for a telephonic interview’.

I was thrilled to have made it this far! I started to imagine living at the hostel, my workplace, my colleagues, etc. I was so excited and super grateful to the Universe. Three days later I had my telephone interview which went smoothly. I was relieved and happy at once. They said the final selection would take place in a week’s time. I was anticipating an email from them and would open my email twice a day. In the next 5 days I received it! It was a total OMG moment for me to know that I was selected. And this was my childhood dream to study in IIT. I was working with NIDians too! I have so many Nidian friends now.

I am super grateful to the Universe for all the beautiful things that happened there. Really, we write our destiny with our thoughts. A loud shout out to The Secret Team! Thank you guys!

Author: Lola from India.
About the Author: I dream to be a revolutionary artist someday with the help of the Universe. I wish to make this world a better place.

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