Success Story: Changing Life Around After Business Collapse

In today’s story the author narrates how he used the law of attraction to reverse his life. He uses gratitude and visualization techniques to solve all the problems that come in his way. He had great success with the Secret and is encouraging everyone to believe and receive whatever they would need in their life. So here is the story of Mukesh Kumar from India;

First of all, I would like to thanks from the bottom of my heart to Rhonda Byrne for her magical book ‘The Secret’. I must say this book has given me new hope towards life. I am working in an MNC and for extra income I started a part time business. But due to lack of experience I had lost a big amount of money in this venture. I was passing through the worst phase of my life a year back and I saw a glimpse of the movie The Secret. Actually our company had organized a training for us and as a part of that training the trainer showed us the movie, but he showed it for 30 minutes only. But it was enough to light a fire in my heart.

That evening I saw that full movie on YouTube again and again and I felt that this is it! This is what can change my life. In spite of my financial troubles, a major part of my salary was going for loan installments, I began to imagine that I was a rich person and I could have anything that I wanted.

My colleagues had bought new smartphones with all the latest technologies and as I had no money, I just used to see them only. But I used to imagine about those mobiles and also I used to express my gratitude to my greatest friend. Who is none other than the Universe.

Dear friends, I got my smartphone, the latest one with all the new technology! Suddenly an amount of money just came to me from an unexpected source and I bought it.

Again, I feel gratitude towards my friend the Universe. My all difficulties are getting resolved one by one with this ultimate knowing of The Secret. Thanks Rhonda once again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!

Author: Mukesh Kumar

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