Success Story: Relationship With Best Friend Healed With The LOA

Healing broken relationship is probably a very difficult thing that most people would will not even try.

In today’s story the author narrates how he used the law of attraction to mend his relationship with a best friend.

Me and my best friend have been on and off for the past few years. It has not been a steady relationship and we would argue all the time and I felt I wasn’t respected. I’ve been applying The Secret to get her back but after a while we would fight again. I realized that it was a result of my thoughts and fear of what could go wrong. This time I decided to tweak my thoughts and change it up a bit. I decided to constantly reaffirm that everything is going to be okay. The messages you tell yourself are the most important because that’s when you’re communicating with the Universe.

After realizing the above, I was grateful for her and started appreciating everything about her and most of all, myself. Giving yourself time to appreciate yourself is a key element. I just made myself happy.

After being on that high vibration, she came back and now, our relationship is healed and better than ever!! We have a very respectful, kind, understanding, and positive relationship! Now we respect each other, communicate and honor each other. All thanks to gratitude and The Secret!

Keep believing no matter how hard it is and give gratitude every day! Thank you for allowing me to share and thank you for those that have shared! Thank you thank you thank you!

Author: Sreya from Canada
About the author: I’m a very strong believer of the law of attraction and have utilized the practice for more than 10 years, thank you for this website! Thank you.

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