Success Story: Manifesting All Your Dreams With The Vision Board

In this success story you will see how the author used the vision board to achieve all her dreams.

I have been following The Secret for many years now and use it quite frequently. I was out for a walk with a colleague last August. During the walk I was talking about my vision of having a new job, a bigger home and that I really wanted a dog. I created a vision board on my phone of these things that I wanted, and looked at it often.

In October I put my house up for sale and kept visualizing the sold sign outside of the house. In February we had one viewing and they made an instant offer. Within 3 days we had sold our house and placed a reservation fee on our dream home. Just after selling our house I received a phone call from a company I had my eye on. They asked me to come for an interview for a job that I really wanted. I got the job.

In November I met a lady who bred Chihuahua’s, the breed that I really wanted. We became good friends and I ended up buying 2 of the Chihuahua puppies, they are now all settled in their new home. I’m now a few days away from starting my new job and 1 week from moving into my new home with my beautiful puppies and husband. So now I have created a new vision board since I’ve achieved everything on the last one created!

Believe, visualize, be patient, work hard, succeed.

Author: Amanda C from Newcastle UK
About the Author: Hardworking, patient and friendly person who works in IT. Married with 2 pooches and a tortoise. 🙂

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