Success Story: There Is Magic And It’s Called Gratitude

Today’s story will show how saying thank you every time you spend money can help you. “The Magic” book has a very powerful tool which will help you attract more money into your life. Simple changes in your daily life will change the entire financial scenario you are in right now.

I was filling up my gas tank this morning and as I put my card back into my wallet, I started to look at my receipts. Some were for groceries, some were for clothing, some were for dining out, and as I reviewed them, I decided to take out my pen and write “THANK YOU” on each one.


When my gas tank was full, I printed out the receipt and I wrote on it “Thank you for the gas to get to many places” and headed out to my first client’s house. I was nervous because it was a first time clean, a large house, and I hadn’t been feeling well the past couple of days.

The first bit of magic occurred when I realized that the house was brand new and fairly clean already! Thank you! But I really wasn’t thinking about the magic of gratitude until the customer gave me and my crew a $200-dollar tip! That was on top of a $300 dollar clean!

I immediately recalled the little bit of time I had spent writing “THANK YOU” on all of my receipts and understood that the Universe was reminding me that feeling gratitude for the money I had already paid out guarantees that I will receive more. Thank you!

Author:  Michele Chambers From Houston, TX
About the Author: I’m a part time house cleaner, part time bookkeeper, and full time metaphysical philosopher.

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