Success Story: Finding Myself With the Law of Attraction

In today’s story shows how the author used the law of attraction to fix all the things going wrong in her life. She explains how she followed the principles mentioned in the The Secret to change her life towards positivity.

This is the first time I am sharing my own very experience of The Secret. I express my heartfelt gratitude to this platform which makes us people share our experiences, our stories of living the law. Thank you dear Rhonda for changing the lives of millions. You have given a new life to millions across the globe and continue to do so.

I strongly believe that The Secret itself found the person who needed it most. No doubt it was meant to be in my life. So, since childhood I grew up with this ‘best at everything’ attitude in me. I used to be the scholar, active participant in every sphere. And when I was appreciated for this, confidence used to flow through me no matter what. However, as the teenage years hit me I started to face mental bullying. Slowly it started affecting me negatively and as much I resisted it I was drawn more into it. Within a few years my whole focus was shifted to fight this. I lost focus of my academics and my other skills and the results started reflecting in my life. I was losing what I had.

When the twelfth grade results came I was suddenly into the reality of myself. The pride I used to see in everyone’s eyes, my image of a confident girl, it was all gone and it was hard for me to accept. Day by day, as the law says, I attracted it more. There was a time when I had lost all the belief in myself and lost myself completely. Continuous failures and screwed up friendships made it even worse. I had lost where to go in life, what to do with my career and to whom I should seek for help. Within no time I was addicted to crying daily, hurting myself physically, taking pills to sleep, doing suicidal attempts and isolating myself. Staying away from home allowed this to happen very easily. In the meantime, when I was seeking a good career path, my parents gave me this thing called ‘The Secret’ but I ignored it, considering it some religious manipulating practice.

During the time I was applying for science colleges, I thought to give a try to designing and architecture which I am a little good at, and inside I thought I would be selected for it. But when the results came I was a failure in all that I had applied for. What broke me more was the rejection from something I was sure about getting. I could not see anything in me to believe anymore.

Then, one day I randomly just picked up The Secret from the shelf and started reading. As I went through it, it all started making sense about why things were happening to me. Everything happening was crystal clear in my mind. And there was no doubt why I was rejected from even those things I was good at. And that marked the onset of change. I read The Power, The Magic and Hero and was amazed to find answers to all of my questions.

Step by step I aligned myself with the law and today no matter where I am, I know it inside, I am meant to shine. I live with gratitude now and that reflects the happiness in my life. I have discovered all the blessings from having wonderful family, wonderful love and wonderful mentors to all the materialistic richness and each day I am attracting more abundance. I have started gaining confidence and self-belief. Slowly but surely things are changing. All that I need automatically comes to me.

I am grateful for all the sufferings I have lived. They have made me who I am today. They have helped me discover the true relations, have directed me towards the goal of my life in a much better way than I expected. And with each passing day I am improving to be better. Here are a few things I would like to mention that I did and have learned and believe:

  1. Make the universe your best friend. Whenever you want any answer or guidance, ask it and believe it to receive. The energy never lies. You will always be helped by signs or in any form. Just trust it and you are never alone
  2. As Bob Proctor says, work towards changing the paradigm you are holding onto to see the results. You need to change the programming of your subconscious mind to materialize your desires accordingly.
  3. Meditate to find the purpose of your life from your inner self. As soon you get it, seek for it and your purpose will seek for you in return
  4. While visualizing and believing, let your senses and feelings live your vision, too. Feel excited, happy and grateful to everything.
  5. When you ask for something and you do visualize, after living it mentally, let it go. Release it into the universe and allow it to come to you. By allowing I mean, there should be no resistance, no negativity when the universe is delivering it to you.

I wish you each live the life of your dreams. Just have faith and align yourself with the law. And whenever a doubt comes in your mind, read the stories here because millions of people sharing their joy never lies. Blessings to all.

Author: Nikita Singh from India
About the Author: Student and happy girl enjoying all the blessings of my life.

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