The Ancient Secret That is MORE Powerful Than the Law of Attraction

In this video Julie talks about an ancient secret that is MORE powerful than the Law of Attraction.

The ancient secret is YOU! You can come to a place of self realization where you awaken to the fact that you are ONE with all of creation. Therefore, everything in existence is one with your energy.

This realization allows you to see that you possess everything inside of your right now. There is nothing to attract, you have everything! You just have to realize it. This realization comes from taking the time to seek the Kingdom of Heaven within oneself.

Jesus said to “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and then all things shall be added unto you”. Most people are doing this backwards. They are seeking to attract things outside of themselves in order to realize that they are powerful creators.

If you just choose to seek the higher state of consciousness within yourself, then everything you could ever desire shall be brought into your life (if it is in alignment your highest destiny).

Only you can awaken to this state of consciousness within, no one can do it for you. The conscious use of the Law of Attraction is just a baby step to realizing who you already are and what you already possess. Go ahead, give it a try!

You are worthy, you are love, you are divine!

The Ancient Secret That is MORE Powerful Than the Law of Attraction

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