Success Story: A Perfect Life in a Month With The LOA

Today’s story shows how when you start believing in the secret you can change your life within a month.

The good news was that I gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy on Malaysia’s Independence day! Yay, I’m truly blessed with my first child and that he was born on a very special day.

But I was not happy in all conditions. Yes, because of my financial situation and my husband was jobless when I gave birth to our son. I was truly stressed. Being a new and first-time mom is not easy and I always complained and complained about the same thing every day. I always talked to my husband about his situation and we were always fighting.

It continued for more than 5 months. But one day I remembered that I had read The Magic book and I asked myself why was I not practicing it? I took the book again and I tried to find the happiness in my life. I tried to focus on what I wanted and I said thank you for the little things. I said thank you for his patience. Thanks to him because he is helping me to take care of our newborn when I’m busy and wanna sleep. He will drop me off at the main bus station in the morning, which of course reduces my travel time to work instead of waiting for the bus from my home. I will ask for his help to buy something if I’m late and he always does.

What I realized was that I was just too focused on what he didn’t do for both of us, instead of what he is doing now. I changed my mind and I said to myself that I can’t continue like this. I will try to remember all the good days and I truly forgot about his lack of a job. He also talks very nicely to me every day and one day something happened.

He rang me and he said he went to an interview. He said that he would be very happy if he gets the job because the salary is truly great and he can buy and save a lot for his son. He also mentioned that our life will change. Hopefully, I will get the job, he added.

A week passed and I don’t ask him much about that job. Days passed and finally last Monday he called and said to me that he got the job. I was truly blessed to hear that because he did it.

See, everything changed in just a few weeks and less than a month. Thanks, Rhonda. You changed my life. I know that we can do a lot for our son and I believe that he will be a good father and I promise that I will be a good wife and mom, too. And just to add, I have downloaded the app Wisdom and my favorite quote is “To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love you. Focus on your joy. Do all the things that make you feel good. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all’.

Thanks Rhonda. I love you so much.

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