Success Story: Manifested £62,000 In 9 Months Using The Secret!

After watching The Secret in May 2016 I knew I could change my life and the lives of my family and friends. I watched The Secret several times a week and read as many LOA books that I could. Within 2 weeks I started manifesting money, a flow of abundance that snowballed very quickly. I shared my secret journey with a few selected family and friends. They too were amazed by my results, especially my husband who now uses The Secret principles too. We created a vision board with our children and started dreaming together.

Within 8 months I had manifested and received over 30K extra from unexpected sources, including online bingo and lottery wins. And each time the amount increases more from the last one! We even have utility companies that were contacting us saying we had over paid some of our bills and sent us cheques up to £2,000! It was flowing in from everywhere! Only last month we learned we have another £31,000 owed to us. We found an old private pension letter dated 1998 that my husband claims he knew nothing about. It said that this pension was worth just over £5,000 at that time. So we rang them up only to discover it is now worth over 31K! My husband also has other pensions for retirement age that we can cash in at anytime we wish.

My advice to successfully manifest what you desire is to not ever give up! Many times we have had periods of feeling low or doubtful and when that happens I listen to The Secret or read one of the books and write in my Secret Gratitude Journal. I write about all of the many blessings we are so truly thankful for. Each challenge has always ends with a joyful manifestation. So keeping the faith in the powerful universal energy within us is the key!

I now have purchased The Secret Dvd’s and books for family and friend’s birthdays. They are the greatest gifts they will ever receive. Then I leave it to the Universe to work this magic in their lives too. Several of these people are also now on the same journey and watching their lives change for the better. It is such an amazing blessing as we share our positive experiences together. The Secret is not only working for us financially, but is also healing health issues and relationships besides many other life situations. Our children are now happy, positive and expectant about their future.

I believe The Secret should be a compulsory part of the national curriculum for education in all schools and colleges worldwide. It can be changing the lives of the next generation in such an amazing yet simple way. The Secret to Teen Power has been an excellent tool for my teenage son and some of his friends. Our younger son’s primary school teacher was so impressed with his new positive attitude and how it has influenced other children in his class that he created a class vision board and now daily promotes The Secret principles during lessons.

Thank you Rhonda and all the LOA teachers who take the time to share your wisdom. We all need to share The Secret as we truly can change the world and so many lives just by using this power with a  little spoonful of faith. God bless you all.


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