Success Story: Got Back a Stolen Mobile Phone

The Law of attraction works in wonderful ways with people who blindly trust it. Today’s story narrates how the author got her mobile phone back by using the law of attraction.

In India, I work in a reputed MNC. Things were going pretty well and suddenly one day at the end of my shift I lost my mobile. And I won’t say that my mobile is brand new but it has quite a lot of vital information of mine.

So I was sure that my mobile got lost in the company area only. Adding fuel to the fire, I lost it on a Saturday. We tried giving it a ring but after 5 minutes it was switched off. I was sure someone had taken my mobile because I had pretty much a full battery charge on it.

I had to wait for two days to get the surveillance footage to be reviewed. It is said that normally anyone who steals a phone would get rid of it as soon as possible and thief had two full days to do that already. But somehow I gathered myself from that thought and started being thankful for having my phone back.

As it is said that anything that gives you relief in such situations and makes you feel better, will always work. So I just started imagining my hands having my phone in them and I am happy and declaring that I got my phone back.

When I went to work on Monday, the surveillance footage was reviewed and while that process was going on I was saying myself that God has taken care of it, repeatedly. From seeing the footage, the thief was caught and moreover, the footage was covering only a minuscule part of that area. So I was lucky enough to get the whole incident clearly visible on the camera in that area itself.

Thank you God and Rhonda for giving this guidance that can help us get everything we want. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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