Success Story: Getting Your Dream Jewelry With The Law of Attraction

Most people think its evil to crave for money and jewelry, but if you have faith and are true to your heart you can even attract jewelry with the law of attraction. in today’s story the author shows how she used the concept of vision board to attract jewelry into her life.

I have been a believer in The Secret for the past 3 years. I have manifested so many things I have lost track! What I do remember is that it absolutely works!

I have had this picture in my “dream” folder in my iPad since the last 3 years. A picture of two beautiful diamond bracelets. I used to refer to them on and off before completely forgetting about that folder and getting caught up with things that required more of my attention.

Fast forward 3 years and my friend introduced me to this jeweler who said he wouldn’t take a single penny from me but would just convert an old piece of my jewelry I never wore to a bracelet. When he finished the piece it looked exactly like the one in my dream folder! I was a bit startled and thought to myself, well if it really works then I should have gotten two like my in my wish list.

Three months go by and I inherit jewelry I had no clue about! The same guy creates the same magic and now I have two bracelets!! OMG, I have learnt from listening to Abraham Hicks there is no such thing as a coincidence! Since then I have gotten several pieces of jewelry just handed to me and I never thought I would ever feel I had enough!

Thank you Rhonda for the bringing The Secret to us! Now whenever I see something different or unusual or repetitive, I know it’s the Universe talking to me! I’m truly grateful for all the things, people

and living The Magic life I have manifested. All I can say is let go. When I stopped paying attention to the wish list, things just appeared!

Wishing you all love and happiness!

Grace from Bangalore, India.
About the Author: A very grateful believer of The Magic of the Universe.

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