Success Story: Dealing With Loss of a Family Member

Losing a family member is one of the most difficult situation for anyone. Today’s story shows how the author uses the Secret to deal with a such an unfortunate situation.

I lost my dad in Jan. It is something that I still have not come to terms with. However, now I understand the reason behind it. We are two daughters and my elder sister is married. In Indian society, it is considered very important to have a son because he is considered to be stronger and the one who will carry forward the family name. After I lost my dad, I became very weak. He was (is) my pillar of strength. Never in my life have I ever come across a man who was (is) as strong as my dad. Therefore, it made it all the more difficult for me to stay strong. My best friend whom I had been expecting to offer me some strength did not show up at this hour, which made me feel all the more weak. I had to take care of everything now, my mom, our finances, everything. And me being the pampered princess of my dad, did not know anything about finances. I did not even know the PIN of my salary account debit card as he used to withdraw money on my behalf and I used to take pocket money from him. You can now imagine my state of dependency on my dad and how pampered I was. It also is easy to understand the kind of situation I got into. I was afraid to death but could not show it to anyone, as I had to be the stronger one now. Everyone looked up to me to take care of everything as I am not married yet and I stay with my mom.

While I was going through all of this, I kept thinking that my Dad cannot leave us alone like this, as his was a very sudden death. I kept believing that he and God will take me and family through this tough time. And really, the series of events that followed proves that to be true. I found a diary where my dad mentioned every detail of the finances. I was worried as I did not have all the documents for the bank paperwork. But I got them all made in a day’s time! I went to the banks for money to be transferred in my mom’s name. The bank manager was extremely helpful to the extent that within a day, my work got sorted in that bank. Meanwhile, everyone had told me that in this particular bank, the sorting of their own work has been pending for more than a year!

I know my dad and God are helping me and my family at every step of the way because I believe that they can never leave me alone. Have faith, trust God and you will see miracles happening every day. I lost my dad in the physical world but I feel him closer to me now more than ever before. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lots of love to all.

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