Success Story: Moving Your Entire Life Towards Positivity

Today’s success story author will narrate how the law of attraction and “The Secret” has changed her life.

After spending most of my adult life trying to find answers or even a direction to my questions or a purpose to my life, I awoke in November 2015 and since January 2016 have re-discovered myself. I have also transformed myself with a greater mind and have discovered that I have had these powers within me as far back as 1977. Now, 39 years later they were forgotten about up until this year.

Having first elected to partake in meditation for the first time in my life, I got me to the point of rediscovering my inner child, imagination and keen memory. I then partook in the most famous Human Relations and Communications course in the world. It is the one that produced the most famous books of all time “How to Win Friends and Influence People and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. I found the course to be remarkable to me in early 2016. It started me on my course for other earth shattering finds. The most important to me was first learning of Rhonda Byrne and Bob Proctor. As it turns out, I was also attracted to a man named Gerry Robert who just happens to be the business partner of Bob Proctor. This was in mid-2016 and yet I had still not discovered Rhonda or Bob at this time. I was noticing that positivity absolutely was flowing out of me.

I had planned to author a book and additionally create a social impact industry as early as mid-January, but I was still healing from some of my own life scars with anxiety, panic, fear and worries. It was not until I watched The Secret movie did I notice my whole life changing around for the better. Most notably my marriage that had been on the ‘rocks’ for the past 4 years. The second notable happening in my life was a career that had seemed to be going nowhere. That was until I had read in the course that if all else was failing, submit to praying. This was transformational for me because it truly allowed me for the first time in my life to open my mind to greater thought. It did not stop here though. I left a position that I had been at for 12 years. After discovering Rhonda and Bob I have ultimately learned how to forgive and bring positivity into my life. I know now what it means to attract things into my life.

I am the most amazed about the great things that are happening in my life daily. I follow and try to better understand these laws on a daily basis and as such, I am literally attracting more and more situations, people and opportunities into my life. Over a 3-month period I have attracted more than I have in my full 46 years of life. I feel truly blessed to have found this. Have been telling others with such fervor and excitement about how this has changed my life, that I am beginning to see that other people want to follow my example. I know that I have not been the inventor of all this, but am truly humbled and wanting to bring this gift to all. To think, it is as little as asking, believing and receiving to bring such great things into my life.

I really appreciate you Rhonda for figuring this out and for bringing this in to my world, and we have not even met yet.

Author: Des Hathaway from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

About the Author: I am a dedicated Disability and Rehabilitation Management provider in Canada. While I have always been instrumental in helping others and making this part of my career so blessed, I have always been yearning for more. It was not until January 2016 that I truly began to understand the power of the Universe and I had yet to find Rhonda Byrne.


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