Success Story: Manifesting From Small to Big Things

Today’s story, is about how the author started with manifesting small things  initially and then moving on to bigger things.

Thank you Rhonda and everyone else who helped bring The Secret to me! It has helped millions, including me, and so I decided to share my story here to help others out there who still doubt it. Let me say this; it really works!!

I was going through a slight heartbreak when my friend suggested that I follow The Secret. Even my professional life was not going great. So I thought that I had nothing to lose and since nothing had helped me so far, I might as well just go ahead and give it a shot.

I started small and tried to manifest a new outfit and some money. And just like magic, my Mom gave me a new outfit that very week and I also found cash in the back pocket of my jeans! It was then that I took it up for real. I made a vision board and also keep a gratitude journal where I thank God regularly for giving me the perfect life, job and soulmate!

I started getting job offers and have taken up a job from home as that is what I really wanted. I now am sure my love life will get back on track very soon and the guy I love or someone better, will soon be with me! I just have to master the art of letting go and I am almost there now. Once my love life works out, I shall post that too! Thank you Universe for everything! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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