Success Story: Getting Married to The Ideal Man You Love

In today’s success story the author narrates how she got married to the love of her life, in spite of all the hurdles in their way.

Firstly, I would like to thank and appreciate everyone associated with The Secret family and especially the author, who had the idea to help the whole world with this. I am from India and this is first time I am writing something on social media. I have been reading most of the stories for the past year from the time I got to learn about The Secret. I have been practicing it on many things and I have to tell you guys, it does work!!!!

Actually my story is about love! My relationship with my man started with a friendship for 2 years and then love between us blossomed. We love each other unconditionally. Our relationship had a few ups and downs but still our love was always there for us, bonding us together and keeping us happy with each other. Our religions were not the same and so we were worried whether our relationship would last. But I did remember one thing, and that was that when we came together as love, we were so happy. I somehow knew it in my heart that he was the one I had been waiting for my whole life. I knew in my heart and had this feeling that he was mine, despite all the negative aspects around us and everyone telling me that it could not work out. In fact, he also thought it could not work out. I do not know why but I had this insane belief in those happy and loving moments that had brought us together for love. It was magical! I knew somehow it would have to work out but I had problems letting go of the control.

Then one day I just made a decision to let go and let God and the Universe make it work for me. I decided that I was just going to be thankful for all the things in my life. I had always been able manifest many small and big things along my life journey.

And guess what?! Within few days, my love called me saying he had spoken to his parents about our relationship and they had given their consent to let us get married to each other! Even my parents happily agreed. We are now happily married to each other with our parent’s happy consent! I felt so very thankful and appreciative towards God and the Universe and I knew they would make it happen for me. They will grant my wishes always!

Just one thing I would like to say to the readers, please do not give up on that happy, loving, feeling you experienced when you had the desire or the thought of your desire for the first time. You might have a few hindrances during the journey but your belief is what will manifest your desire. And yes, you have to let go at some point.  Just sit back and relax and see how beautifully your desire gets manifested to you and watch as it is given to you on a silver platter by the Universe. God and the Universe loves you unconditionally and is always there for you, every minute and every second looking after you. Trust, believe and let go. The happily and lovingly and see The Magic unfold.

Author: Taj from India

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