Success Story: Dream Jobs With Top Companies in Desired Field

In Today’s success story the author describes how with a positive attitude he landed up 2 jobs from the best companies in the field he desired.

I have read The Secret more than 2 years ago. Since then a lot of good things happened to me:

  1. I lost 20 kilos.
  2. I started my own business, in the end it was only for good.
  3. I have a perfect relationship with a girl of my dreams. She is perfect!!!

The last 6 months I was searching for a job in a specific area in the watch industry because I love watches and it is my main hobby. I had a lot of proposals, but not from the watch companies. My financial status was getting lower every day. Finally, I decided to go on an interview for a company that was not connected with watches. It was very difficult to do it because it seemed like a step back. But I found strength to realize, that anyway, I will still be a part of the watch industry sooner or later. I became positive again.

Guess what?

On the next day after this interview I got an email from a job search website that the biggest company was looking for a person for a certain position. I sent my CV to them and then I got an invitation to an interview!!!

The results? After 7 interviews, tests and cases I got a wonderful proposal!!! Those 7 interviews happened in just 2 weeks!!!! When I first came, they asked me about the money and I said a certain amount. After that I decided to have an extra 40% more of that amount and I was visualizing it. When I saw the proposal, I wanted to shout thank you Universe!  It was the exact amount that I had been visualizing.

Then suddenly I got a second proposal from another big watch company. It was a miracle!!! I had never worked in this industry, but had 2 great proposals from 2 top companies worldwide!

Believe. Relax. Visualize. It is your life, your book that you write every day with your thoughts. Thanks again to everybody! Be happy!

Author: Andrey from Moscow, Russia
About the Author: Man, 28, going to marry.

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