Success Story: Woman Gets a New Puppy With the law of Attraction

Losing a pet is a heartbreaking moment, but it is inevitable at times. In today’s story the author loses her beloved pet and manifests a new puppy in her life with the help of the books – “The Magic” and “How The Secret Changed my Life”.

In June that I lost my toy Pomeranian of 11 years to a kidney failure. Although we knew it was coming as she was failing and we knew she could not live that way, we still did not want her to go. It was a very emotional time for the whole family and still 5 months since that time, we are still devastated. I adopted her from an amazing kennel out of province and had her shipped to me.

A few weeks after she passed I contacted the kennel to place myself on a wait list. I was not ready just yet for a new addition as I was still mourning, but I knew the wait can be long so I thought maybe by the time a puppy was available I would be ready. Sure enough I had about 1 year to wait. As weeks and months went by the hurt increased as the house felt lonely. Each time I checked with the breeder there were still no puppies available.

Recently a friend told me she bought the book, “How The Secret Changed my Life” so immediately I went and I bought it as well. After reading it a peace came over me. Immediately after reading it I re-read The Magic and followed it through. I did this and the other book all within 30 days.

This past weekend we were putting up our Christmas tree and I uncovered all my doggy ornaments and stocking and I was feeling broken again. I felt that way all weekend and decided perhaps I would again attempt to contact my breeder in case one became available, even if it was a little older. I wrote an email at a very late hour and then I went to bed where I always spend at least 30 minutes thinking, visualizing and feeling.

I felt so much in that 30 minutes. How it would feel to get her, the cost, the excitement and the best part was how good it would feel to get her right now! I felt this so much that it brought tears to my eyes.

To my surprise this morning, I had a reply. Yes, there was one available, for the exact amount I visualized which was less than the previous quote. And guess what?!! This weekend, just one week after putting up our tree, my new puppy will be in my arms! Is it a surprise though? I call it manifestation, it really works, it does!! I wish Rhonda was here in front of me to hug, she has changed my thinking, she has moved me. I am forever grateful and will share her name and books with everyone. I am so blessed!! And I am so happy to meet my new puppy, the best Christmas miracle ever!!

Author: Laurie, Georgian Bay, Ontario
About the Author: I am a proud mother of two wonderful sons and a wonderful step daughter and wife to an amazing husband. I enjoy travelling, singing and home decor.

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