Success Story: Speeding Ticket Not Processed!

Today’s story shows how staying positive in your day-to-day life will help you.

First off, thank you to Rhonda and The Secret team that brought the book to life. These stories are a life saver for me daily, please keep them coming.

I have been a Christian for over 20 years but never believed that good things can happen to me and I deserve to be happy like everyone else. No one taught me how to change my thinking which dictates my life experiences. There are 3 really big things I was going to share once they manifested but something significant happened to me yesterday and coincidence cannot explain it away.

I agreed to work the day after Thanksgiving so others could have the day off, but on the way to work I was pulled over and got a speeding ticket. This is a first time on a military installation that I received a ticket, but thought I was very close to the speed limit and was confused. I did not fight it; I kept a positive attitude and let the police know that I appreciate them doing their jobs so well. However, I was still confused at the speed they said I was going. This time I handled the situation the way The Secret taught me to. I did not tell anyone about it but did tell one other coworker that it was just a warning. I meditated that something would happen where the ticket could not be processed and would just disappear.

When I got home from work the phone rang twice so I answered. It was Security Forces from the military installation. They informed me that the ticket could not be processed and to have a wonderful day! I could not believe my ears!

Of all the years that I did get speeding tickets I did deserve, this never happened. Honestly, I am a very careful driver and I am cautious as to my speed now since I have a commercial driver’s license. This may seem small to some of you, but to someone who loves to travel and drives for a living, this is a significant event that could have cost me my job. So keep the faith, change the way you would naturally handle a so called negative event and go with it. I did and it worked! Thanks to all of you.

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