Success Story: Making a Successful Career With the Law of Attraction

In today’s success story the author narrates how he changed his life and made a successful career with the help of the secret and the law of attraction. The author uses faith and visualization to manifest his dreams.

I am truly so grateful for The Secret and the for discovering LOA. I have been able to manifest so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I first discovered The Secret during a low point in my life. I broke up with someone I truly thought I loved and it seemed impossible to pick myself up again. That’s where The Secret came in! Somehow, I randomly remembered my cousin mentioning it, so went and bought the book. It turns out that it was the best thing I have ever done. I was slowly, at my own pace, becoming happier and noticing all the blessings around me. It truly felt amazing.

Then I decided to “test” the Universe. I started off small and since I am a student, I decided that my lecturer would extend the deadline till next week for our work to be handed in. Now this teacher keeps to her word and never before has she extended any deadlines but I had full, unwavering faith she would. I even told someone in my class that it did not matter that I had not finished my work because she would extend the deadline. And that is exactly what happened! Her exact words were “I am extending the deadline till Monday” as she felt she did not give us enough time.

Another time, I was broke. So I just said to myself that I would love to have more money. I had only £7, and that afternoon my mum, dad, grand dad and grandmother gave me more money. Literally out of the blue! I had £35 in about two hours!

I have manifested countless small things but I got my really big manifestation today and I am over the moon! I had never had a job before. I was broke and I disliked relying on my parents all the time. One day I just fell asleep when I got home and when I got up I had a huge impulse to write a CV. My CV was not even that amazing, it was very basic. However, that same night I searched for jobs that appealed to me and sent my CV off to them. There was one job in particular I wanted though, at one of the branches of my favorite restaurant. The location, the atmosphere and everything about was great and somewhere that I wanted to work. I declared to myself that this job is mine. I had full, unwavering faith. I would visualize me serving customers with a huge smile on my face and enjoying the atmosphere around me.

Less than a week later, the person in charge of recruitment at this restaurant called me saying they are interested in my application and invited me to the recruitment day the following week. Well yesterday was the recruitment day. At my interview, I did not stress one bit because I knew this job was mine. As I was being interviewed I was just being my happy, bubbly self. I left knowing that the job was 100% mine.

Well today they rang me up and offered me the job! They said they absolutely loved me! This has all happened so fast.

The key was unwavering faith. Know what you want is yours and will come to you!! I am truly so grateful for my new job and everything I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  xxxxxxx

Author: Anon from London.
About the Author: I am a 20-year-old student and I have achieved everything I have wanted to so far!

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