Success Story: Living a Dream Life with The Secret and LOA

Today’s story is about the power of visualization. The author describes how his life changed after reading the book ‘The Secret. He also shares how visualization helped him land a perfect job and how he is living is dream life since then.

Firstly, I want to say thank you for creating and sharing The Secret, such an amazing book which has truly changed my life. I first read the book in June last year, since then I have read it 3 times and have watched the film over 100 times.

Little things have come true here and there for me. I applied for my dream job, I followed what The Secret says and visualized getting the job and working there. Then 1 week after my interview I received a call saying that I had been successful. Nearly a year and a half later I’m still living the dream. Just goes to show the power of visualization!

The one thing that happened to me that really got to me was a few weeks ago after I finished reading The Secret for the third time. I had visualized opening a door and seeing a feather the next morning.

So the next morning I opened my front door to take my son to his swimming lessons and didn’t think of the feather. I got to the changing rooms and opened a locker to put our bags in and in there was a large grey feather! Right in the locker! I was so amazed and emotional. I even took a picture of it. The power of visualization!!

I am now reading The Magic. Even my friends and family are reading The Secret since I introduced it to them. So Rhonda and your team, thank you so much and to everyone else who shares their stories, thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author: Diana from UK

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