Success Story: Change Life and Career with the Law of Attraction

In today’s story the author describes how he changed his life after reading the secret.

My name is Nathan and I’d like to share my story with you. The events that unfolded in the last 2 months alone have all been because of the book The Secret, and I truly believe it can change lives.

Let’s start this story from a younger age. When I was 16, I was in a rough patch. My mom was dating someone abusive which lead me to turn to alcohol to solve my problems. At 17 I dropped out of school and was kicked out of my house. By 19 the only family I spoke to was my grandma whom took me in and tried to guide me.

By 20 I decided to change. I didn’t know about The Secret at the time but I knew I needed to change! At this point my grandma had already kicked me out of her house. I was living with a friend. I called my mom up, having not spoken to her for a very long time. She agreed to let me move in again. I told myself I would change and I truly believed I would! I went back to school and completed 15.5 credits within 7 months in an adult education facility. It takes 30 credits to graduate from grade 8 – 12. While going to school, I was still working 40 hours a week. I told myself I would change and I did!

After graduating 7 months later, I wanted more change. I really wanted to work on the Canadian oil rigs. So I enrolled and completed a few certificates that were required to go. Funny enough, 2 weeks later I met a guy online playing call of duty. He claimed he worked in the pipeline and said his dad ran the company and he could get me a job. Two weeks later I moved to Alberta and sure enough, I got the job. Then 3 months later I was hired on the oil rigs!

This is where my life took a downfall. I started to worry about stupid things and about being laid off, losing money and this and that. Sure enough at 22 I had no job and was depressed. My depression lead to me blowing all my savings by the time I was 24. I am currently 24 and I just started to read The Secret 2 months ago. This book has taught me a lot about myself looking back at things in my life. And in only 2 months I have noticed some huge changes in my life.

I finally found a goal, a purpose to strive for. I want to move to Australia for 2 years to work. After setting my goal, things changed in abundance. My bank called me about a credit card change. The change was $80 a year but it was enough to give me the extra air miles I was short of to travel to Australia for free. After that, I met 3 amazing people that are now my closest friends. They have all read The Secret and ironically and they all want to change their lives. They are pushing me to succeed in my goal.

After I started The Secret, I started to become happier which apparently showed in my work so they began to give me more hours and more shifts. I recently ended a lifelong friendship a week ago but it was for the better of my wellbeing. Even though I ended it, I was wished good luck, regardless with the understanding that my life needs change.

If you really believe and you really push forward good things will happen. Throw the negatives away and life will bring you happiness. Every day I achieve something that gets me closer and closer. Believe in yourselves!

Author: Nathan W Fontaine Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
About the Author: I’m a 24 year old male who has, until recently, been stuck in life, feeling like nothing would change and my life was going nowhere. I love video games and anime. I worked 5 days a week at a job I dislike. I want and will change!

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