Success Story: Landing a Perfect Job With the LOA

Today’s success story shows how the author got her dream job with the help of the law of attraction. The author uses gratitude and takes inspired action when the Universe calls for. Here’s how the story goes.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to Rhonda Byrne for bringing this amazing knowledge of the LOA to us. I am a religious follower of your books and I live by their teachings. And thank you to The Secret team for successfully publishing all my stories to the website. At the end of this story you will find the links to all my published stories.

Well my story starts when I was looking for a job in Abu Dhabi. I am a Physical Therapist and there was this particular hospital where I wanted to work so I asked the Universe. To make myself believe, I updated my Facebook profile and I wrote “Working at HealthPoint Hospital, Abu Dhabi” on my work status. Then I let go, believing as if it had already happened. I continued writing in my Gratitude Journal, giving thanks and studying for my interview.

What happened next is something that has happened to every “Secretier”. After a month I got my friend’s message on WhatsApp, asking me to forward my resume to one of his senior staff. I did that and the very next day I received a call for a Skype interview. On the date of interview, I was a bit nervous, so I asked the Universe “Please, Universe either postpone the interview or ask me easy questions as this job is very important to me.”. Well my request was instantly answered and they asked me one simple question. Three days later I got an email saying I got selected for the post!!!!

I am blessed and I feel so grateful that my desire got manifested. I had my moments of doubt but I picked myself up with faith, thinking that I have already updated it on my Facebook page and this job is already mine. Well, faith is all it takes for the Universe to powerfully move people, events and circumstances. Remember, the Universe gives you all that you want precisely.

Here are the links to all my stories on The Secret website:



Do I need to say more? I hope this helps you believe that The Secret works. The Universe fulfills its promise every time and The Magic continues! As Rhonda Ma’am says, may the joy be with you!

Author: Shreya Tiwari from Abu Dhabi.
About the Author: I am an Indian happily living and working in Abu Dhabi. I am a religious follower and a fan of The Secret, The Magic and The Power. I am following the teachings since Jan 2014 and since then my life has turned magical.

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