Success Story: Getting Money for Surgery With LOA

Today’s story is really inspiring, it shows how by using the law of attraction you can even raise money for a surgery. The author uses focus and visualization to earn money for a surgery for his wife.

Here’s how the story goes.

I came to know about The Secret some 5 years ago in a personality development training program. Since that time I always carry The Secret book with me in my home and wherever I go. I have read this magnificent book so many times and for me it is like my holy book. I actually derive my intellectual and psychological sustenance from this book.

About two years ago I was thinking about getting a sum of money. Then I focused my thoughts on a monthly income of approximately rs 50 thousands so a target of rs 10 lachs rs in a period of two years could be achieved. This was the amount that was required for a major surgery for my wife. By focusing my thoughts on earning Rs 50000 monthly, I actually started getting a little more than Rs 50000 within a month or so. The much needed knee replacement surgery for my wife was done and she is now free from the knee pain.

This experience with the power of thoughts and the law of attraction is one of many such miraculous experiences in my life. Thank you to The Secret.

Author: Vasant Waghmare from Pune, India.
About the Author: I am a retired govt servant aged 65 years. I live in Pune, city of Maharashtrain the state in India .

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