Success Story: Change Career and Life Miraculously with The LOA

Reading real success stories daily is one of the good habits to keep your thoughts in the positive thinking zone. Even after the knowledge of the secret and the law of attraction, many still continue to live mediocre lives because they fail to keep their thoughts in the positive area.

Today’s story will help you to trust in the law of attraction and have complete faith in it. The author shares how after making simple changes in her life she was able to turn it around.

Early in 2014 I was feeling depressed, broke and tired of trying to break the glass ceiling. Family expectations, financial obligations were on the increase with my children now in University and high school. I was still getting the same pay for over 5 years, despite trying to get better paying jobs without success, it was a difficult period.

Easter 2014 I remember feeling so low and crying as I had bills to pay and could not afford them. I asked why, why not me? Why and how do others make it? I had read The Secret two years before and had my little notes written on what I would want to manifest in my life and then kept it aside.

Around mid-2014 I shared with an acquaintance my frustrations and he said “You are attracting all this to yourself, focus on what is good and the universe will deliver it to you!”

That reminded me of The Secret book! I went back to read it, watched the movie again and read other Success Stories for motivation. The following weekend with the help of my daughters, we went shopping for a board and spent the whole weekend putting together our vision boards, which my last born daughter called “Mum’s Dreams”. In it I have family and love, airplanes flying, dollar bills, a white Range Rover Evoque, a beautiful home with posh gardens and a water fountain, good health, inspirational quotes e.g. “beyond limits” and “excelling”, just to name a few. I put it on my dressing table where I could see it in the morning and in the evening every day.

May 2014, manifestations started to happen!

I was invited for a workshop in Rome, the following week thereafter for an interview in Oslo. In between the two I visited a friend in Copenhagen! By August 2014 I received a job offer and became an international staff, paid in dollars!

It was a leap of faith, in a war zone area on a 3 months’ contract. Friends and family could not understand why but I had to get out of my comfort zone and believed that things will work out!

From then on, it has been a roller coaster of promotions, new jobs, new global duty stations; South Sudan, Nepal and now Thailand. From a Program Assistant to a Regional Adviser, all in 10 months!

In a few days my family is visiting and this is just the beginning as new great things continue to happen! I give thanks to God every day when I wake up and when I go to bed, this is a miracle! My friends have called me a case study and a few have asked that I write my story to motivate others.

Ask, Believe, receive is all I can say.

Author: Pat
About the Author: I am a 46 year old lady. Married with 3 children aged 21, 18 and 7 years. I hold a Masters degree. Was with the UN for 11 years and reached a glass ceiling that was difficult to penetrate. August 2014 I resigned for a 3 month contract in South Sudan war zone. 10 months later I left for Nepal Earthquake response and 2 months later moved to Bangkok regional bureau as a Regional Adviser. I am a true believer of The Secret!

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