Success Story: Getting Insurance Bills Payed by the Universe

If you have ever been stuck in life with some bills to be paid, then this is a story that you must read.

I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have a story connected to The Secret to Money. Anyway, I read The Secret book series from year 2012 until now. I also bought The Secret Daily Teachings from App Store.

A month ago, I had to pay my insurance bill of 9.5 million rupiahs. I had forgot to pay the bill. I heard from some of my friends that the health insurance has less benefits, so I decided to stop paying the insurance premiums. I said to my friend that I will pay the bill and then I will find another type of health insurance. Remember: Ask, Believe, Receive.

A few days later I received a call from one of the banks. I have a credit card at that bank. The women from the bank said that I will get free health insurance for 10 years with total premiums of 900 million rupiahs and in the sixth year. I can withdraw money at 95 million rupiahs! I don’t have to pay the premium and I can use it worldwide!! I got it because I use had been using this credit card for 14 years and I was one of so many customers that got selected to get it! Lucky and happy!

Suddenly I realized that I had already paid the bill for 9.5 million rupiahs so I will receive money 10 times greater or 95 million rupiahs! That is because a few days ago, I read on The Secret Instagram @thesecret365 that “Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied by 10”. What a coincidence!

That is what I have learned from The Secret to Money. I’m so blessed and grateful! So many blessings that I’ve gotten after I have read The Secret Books.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author: Ade Sari from indonesia.
About the Author: I love my big family. I am a dreamer. I like to learn a new things and I am happy with my life.

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