Success Story: Getting Front Row Tickets For a Music Concert With LOA

Yes, seems to be a very random wish, but still yes, you can get anything that you want with the help of law of attraction. If you follow the secret with full faith and conviction, you will be surprised with the things that you can manifest.

Today’s story is about, how the author got front row music concert tickets even though she had no chances getting them.

I started reading and using The Secret in my everyday life about two years ago after a rough break up. At the time this all happened, I wanted to test out just how legitimate the LOA was, being skeptical of course. It was around November when I started hearing about Jingle Ball. That was a concert put on by KISS FM. It had so many great artists performing such as Miley Cyrus, Flo Rida, Enrique, etc.

Every day I started visualizing myself going to the concert, being in the front row and dancing on stage. I would visualize before going to work, leaving working, driving, before bed, etc. I began to call into the radio to win the tickets, but would always get caller number 4, or 24 and I needed 25!

I eventually gave up, since the concert was approaching in less than two weeks and I still had no tickets.

The moment I let go, something amazing happened!

I get a call from my friend, whose mom won front row tickets! She invited me to go with her!

It was by far one of the most amazing time of my life. The seats were just as I imagined, smack dab in the middle of front row! Even better, I danced on stage with Flo Rida, and took a selfie with Robin Thicke!

All of this is no coincidence, I can only thank the LOA for this amazing moment!!

Author: Callie from New hampshire.
About the Author: 20 years old and forever improving my life based on the LOA.

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