Success Story: Changing Your Life Around with the Law of Attraction

Today’s story shows how a man can change around his life by applying the law of attraction. Even though we have the knowledge of the secret and the law of attraction we tend to forget to apply it in day-to-day life.

First I would like to thank Rhonda and everyone for their inspirational stories.

I knew about The Secret after a friend showed me the video in 2013. I started to practice it and things did work for me but somehow I lost my spark and just returned to living life like I used to, with the thought that whatever happens should is what I deserved in my life.

In 2015 things got really bad, my work became more stressful, it was like the people at work had it in for me and everything was going down the drain. My fiancé dumped me for no reason. She just woke up one morning and said this is not what she wanted and I never knew what it was she was talking about as everything seemed perfect to me. But now at this point in my life I was broken.

That is when one day I came into my apartment and saw The Magic book. I had bought it a long time ago and just forgot about it. I started reading and just gave myself time to get over everything, to stop blaming my ex for dumping me and to start loving myself and become one with the universe.

Just like magic my life started to change. In my job, a new position opened up that I applied for and I did get the job. And like magic, my manager asks me to go help out in another department office that is near my home and I had to work alone for December. In January 2016, HR called me and made me a new offer asking me to stay where I am now and I could not believe my luck! I love this new job and we are only two people working here, no stress and more money!

I also made a vision board with my dream women and life, and just after three weeks, a lady friend texted me and told me that she missed me a lot. Since I kindda forgot what she looked like I asked for a picture. To my amazement she looks like the lady in my vision board and the description that I gave daily in my Magic Diary! She also loves doing 99% of things I love doing! We are still just friends but now I’m working on us traveling and becoming a dream couple.

I really hope whoever reads this believes. In the beginning it may feel impossible because your mind is not used to you creating your own life but the moment you become one with the universe, life is magical and beautiful.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The Magic is in you!

Author: Helly from Nambia
About the Author: I love reading and I’m more of a stay home kinda person.

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