Success Story: A Woman Uses ‘The Magic’ to Fix Her Marriage

Having a troubled relationship? Today’s story is just for you. The law of attraction, if used properly, can fix relationships. Today’s story outlines the steps to fix a relationship. The author uses a chapter from the book ‘The Magic’ to change her relationship around.

I got married this July and pretty soon after, my marriage began to stagnate. It was like we were living separate lives, we didn’t laugh and joke anymore, we had not even been intimate in over 2 months and I had gotten to a point where I could not stand to be in the same bed as him.

I did not want my marriage to end even before it started so I started to look at ways in which I could do my bit to improve things. I started doing the ‘Magically Heal Your Relationship’ practice from The Magic and every day for a month I wrote down 10 things I was grateful to my husband for. I also started to notice little things he does for me that are nice and I started telling him how much I appreciate him. I started taking better care of myself by exercising, eating better and building more confidence in myself.

And as if by “Magic” something shifted in our relationship! Suddenly he could not do enough for me, we were always playing around and laughing and he loves the new confident me and the passion has very much been resurrected in our marriage!

I read something somewhere that if you want change in your relationship, you should be the change you want to see. If you do your bit to improve the relationship, then the other person cannot help but change themselves as well.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful stories.

Author: Dee Dee from London.
About the Author: Living my life each magical day at a time.

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