Success Story: Woman Finds Her Soul Mate with The Law of Attraction

Finding a soul mate might be considered the most difficult task by many. In today’s story, the author describes how she found her soul mate using the power of the secret and the law of attraction.

Thank you to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team for the amazing work you guys are doing. All of us, touched by The Power of The Secret want to thank you for changing our lives.

Here is my story. I found The Secret at a low point in my life and then had a beautiful time creating my reality. One fine day, about 3 years ago, I got a feeling that it was time for me to attract my soul mate. I had had my share of relationships and flings before that but nothing ever felt right. So, this is what I did.

Step 1: I decided that I wanted a man with certain traits that I found desirable and made a list of them.

Step 2: I announced my intent to the Universe

Step 3: I began to make space for my man in my life. I ended all my relations with my flings and exes and got rid of all the junk in my life. I kept an empty space around the bed for him to sleep and cleared my heart and life for him.

Step 4- The most important stage. I finally let go.

I had given the Universe a deadline, a date. The date was October 30, 2014. However, by October 10th I still had not found him. This made me feel a bit worried that I would not find him. Meanwhile, my parents decided to go on vacation to the north east and I went along. It was here, that I was influenced by Buddhism. I let go of all my desires in life and decided to live a simple life in the service of others. And, at that moment, I let go of “him”.

I returned back a new person. I had by then completely forgotten my request to the Universe. A few days after my return, my friend dragged me to a party. I had no interest in going but I had a gut feeling or vibe that told me to go along. After the party when I was all set to go home, this very friend begged me to come along for the after party. It would be a long drive. I again had no interest at first but I went along, just because I again, felt a vibe.

And guess what?!

It was at that after party that I met him! And the date was October 30, 2014!! He is perfect for me, my Mr. Right.

Here is my advice. It is important to let go. That is the most complex part of the LOA and it requires a mastery of your subconscious and awareness. Put out your desires to the Universe and let go. Immerse yourself in life and see the amazing response you get.

Always stay at peace, life is amazing!

Author: Unknown from Bangalore, India.
About the Author: A 24 year old girl, living and loving this life

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