Success Story: Overcoming Social Phobia With The LOA

The law of attraction can be used to solve any problems that you might have in life. Today’s story is about how the author solved his fear of facing a audience. Once you have the power of LOA you can apply it to solve any minor or major issues in your life.

First off I want to give a very big thank you to the entire crew of The Secret for teaching us about the LOA. It has brought tremendous joy to everyone on earth, curing illnesses, healing relationships and making people fall in love with their lives. Above all, teaching us the importance of being grateful for even the smallest things we have.

Well, my wish came true long before I was introduced to The Secret. I know what I used was the LOA without even having heard of it.

A few years back when I was asked to read out in front of the whole class, my heart beat would rise. I would start to sweat, get shivers and my face would go pink. When I start reading, I would only stammer. This was such a burden for me, and it only happened when I was asked to read in front of the class.

I used to skip some of my literature and language classes because of the fear I had. I missed lot of important lectures by doing so. I used to come home and cry every day asking God to help me overcome this. I also started having sleeping problems because of this. I kept on praying “Please don’t let the teacher ask me to read the lesson today, please don’t make the teacher read out my answer, please don’t make us do a presentation today”. But I knew that running away from it was not the solution.

However, I kept on praying, knowing in my heart that I was not gonna be stammering like this forever. I knew that one day I would completely get over it.

While I was praying, I voluntarily took part in many presentations and was reading out every day. I visualized myself as a TV anchor on the mornings I had to do the presentations. I watched as many as talk shows and practiced their styles and techniques. I must mention that I always had good presentation skills but whenever I had to do a presentation in front of people, I’d screw it up.

I did my best to calm myself down and control my nervousness. I did breathing exercises, visualizations and tried to keep myself happy because crying every day only made the situation worse.

Years have passed and now it has been three months since I gave a speech to an audience of 120 strangers for achieving the best performance title in my university.

Every now and then, when I need to do something in front of an audience I pray to all of the Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Angels and now, I include the Universe. I ask them to give me strength and courage as I no longer wish to run away from situations. Then I start visualizing the end result while trying my best to be in a state of happiness throughout.

Before giving and after giving the speech I say in my head, thank you, thank you, thank you! I no longer stammer in front of an audience. I never panic in front of an audience. I am always grateful for the presentation skills that the Universe has gifted me. I often say to myself “Look, they trust in your skill and that’s why they want you to do it. Let’s show them all how good you are at this.”. That makes me enjoy getting prepared without looking for ways to run away from it and getting somebody else to do it. And that’s all it takes.

So whoever reading this, a big thank you to you!!!! I hope this story gave you an opportunity to try the LOA. Keep practicing. If it’s too hard to feel all excited, then just focus on calming yourself down. Start meditating, listen to your favorite song and keep things simple. Don’t curse anyone, just be grateful for the opportunity and work on overcoming it. Calm your mind and take things easy!

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