Success Story: Land a Perfect job With Gratitude & Faith

Gratitude and faith are like 2 pillars standing on which you can expect miracles to happen. Today’s story shows this. Be sure of what you want and have faith that you will get what you want. Then sit back and let Universe do the rest.Don’t waste your time & energy on how it would happen, just take inspired action as and when the Universe gives you a sign.

I cannot thank you enough! Thanks to The Secret, Rhonda and everyone that shares their stories here. I’ve been exposed to The Secret for quite a few years now but it wasn’t until recently that I started to practice it.

Earlier this year, I quit my nagging sales job. I then entered the world of IT/Technology with no prior knowledge. I took a leap of faith and thought that this is what I am supposed to do. I took an accelerated course. It took a lot of money and time and I was living off my savings. I finished my course and could not find a job for the life of me!

Every day was so stressful. I was running into rejections and people kept telling me I don’t have enough experience. There was absolutely no hope. I was very stressed and disappointed in the decision I had made. Finally, an old colleague of mine suggested that I apply in her company for a role that I already had 3 years of experience in, with no use of my new skills. I was desperate and went for the interview. I got an offer but at an entry level salary. I was disappointed and felt I had just a wasted my time and a good chunk of my savings as nothing in IT was working.

It was decision time and the company gave me one day to make a decision. I was poor and stressed and decided that, what the heck, I will take it. At least I would have a job, even though it was a million steps back, career wise.

The morning I was going to tell them, I woke up and watched The Secret. I read The Secret stories here and prayed really hard to the Universe to please send the right job my way. I mean literally, how was I going to get a job offer in a couple of hours when I am supposed to accept this offer of this low paying job? I just thanked the Universe for all the opportunities and all of the unsuccessful interviews I went to. Then I let it go. The HR called me and asked me to make a decision. Something inside of me told me to wait until the end of the business day.

Literally two minutes later, an old recruiter called me and said he had a perfect opportunity for me. The client wants to move quickly and there was no one else in line for the job, so I would basically get the job. I would have to go meet the company ASAP and pretty much it was a done deal.

And OMG, everything felt right! The interview went well, it just felt right, can’t describe it!! I took the offer that minute and called the low paying job and kindly thanked them and declined the offer. It was a miracle; this job literally fell in my lap! I know it was the Universe!

Prior to all of this happening, I had been journaling and thanking for every person and experience that came my way! Gratitude is everything!

Please be patient, be thankful and let the Universe do its thing. I want everyone to have staunch faith in the Universe because it truly loves you and watches out for you. Journal, be thankful, have faith and let go! Let go of how it will happen and instead just believe that it will.

My love and blessings to you and many thanks to everyone that writes in here. You are an inspiration to someone who is trying to manifest. I can’t wait to manifest more blessings in my life. I am thankful for you reading my story. I hope I can strengthen your faith.

Love you Universe, thank you for everything.

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