Success Story: My Dream Of Owning a Building & a Business

Today’s story is truly magical. It shows how once you start believing in your dreams with complete faith and passion, things fall in place like magic and you get what you visualize.

Twenty-three years ago I became a new realtor and I started at Century 21. After about 5 years working there, my boss decided that he wanted to retire and asked me if I wanted to buy the building and run the company. I loved this building and the location but at that time I felt I was still too new in the business to run it correctly. I also did not have my broker license at that time. So I said no and I have always regretted that decision because I love that building so very much.

Time went on and I got my broker license and my family joined the real estate business with me at a different company. Every time my son and I drove by that building I would say “One day if this building ever comes on the market I want to buy it”.

Years went by and my son got an offer to better his real estate career but we could not stay at the place we were at now. We would have to open our own real estate business. This idea was stressful for me. I had now been in the business for over 23 years and I did not know if I wanted to start from scratch, opening a new company and be the broker of that company. My son did not have his broker’s license so I would have to be the broker of this new company. I needed time to think about the whole situation.

My husband and I decided to go on vacation out of the country. While shopping in a small shop, I saw the book The Magic. I had already bought The Secret book so I started reading The Magic. That’s when all The Magic starting happening!

My son’s new company offered to pay for him to get his broker license. Then my daughter in law, who had worked at our real estate company as an office manager and knew all the ins and outs of running the brokerage, wanted to help us with the new company. Now we needed to know where we were going to open the new business. I was still reading my book and doing the exercises. A few days later my son called me and said; Guess what? The Old Century 21 building is for sale! I ask them to please call and get all the information on the building.

My son called me back and said they got a cash offer already. I said “No, that’s our building”! I called the realtor that had the property for sale and asked I could call the owner. It turned out that my old broker still owned it!! I called my old broker and asked him to please not sell it. I told him that I don’t have the cash, and I needed him to carry the loan for me for 5 years until I could get a commercial loan. I also told him that I had very little to put down and that I was out of the country, could he please wait for me to come home to write it up? He said yes!!! I was in shock! I thanked him and told him that I would love his building and I would take care of it like he would. He said that he already knew that.

As soon as I got back, I look at the building and wrote it up the next day. But The Magic did not stop then either. I did not have the money to put down on the building and I did not know where I was going to come up with it, but I knew the money would come.

And then it happened again! I had bought my mother a home years ago and my brother said that he would buy our mother’s home from me and that way my mom still can stay there and I will have the money to put down on the building plus extra money to start the new company with. Now I have a new building, a new company and my mother still has her home.

This has been a true blessing and my new building is called “I Am Grateful”. The magic still does not stop there either. I can go on and on with what has happened ever since I bought that amazing book, The Magic!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am truly grateful for everything in my life. Your books change my life and my family’s life. Thank you!

Author: Gail Bishard from POCATELLO, IDAHO.
About the Author: I am a woman that believes in family and faith in myself and others. I always believed in doing a good job in everything that I do. I am a very simple person that got a wonderful gift, my own company that I am very proud of with my family. I am truly blessed. If telling my story can help others believe in themselves I am glad to share one of my many stories for them.

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