The Magic Success Story: Practicing Gratitude Really Works in Healing the Body

I am sure those aware of the Secret and the Law of Attraction sometime or the other must have surely tried to heal themselves. Some might see amazing success and some might be totally disappointed.

The trick to make it work is using it with faith and gratitude. You need to move your focus from the disease and pain to health and happiness. Use gratitude and be thankful for your excellent health. It must be difficult to start with when you are in pain actually so a better affirmation to use which you will believe easily is – “I am getting healthier every day” or “My body is healing amazingly, thank you for the healing”

Today’s secret story will show you that when you surround yourself with positiveness and gratitude you will accelerate the process of healing.

For the past two months I had been having extreme knee pain. At first it was only in my right knee, and then, my left knee began hurting. I tried not to think anything of it and to see if it would pass, but to no avail. any time I would bend my leg or put pressure on my knees they would ache with pain.

In the beginning of September, a month into my pain, I began reading Rhonda’s book “The Magic”. I started reading it because I needed tons of positive energy and focus in my life for another reason! As I went through the book doing The Magic Practices, I got to the practice called “Have A Magical Day”. For that practice, one of my “thank you’s” was “Thank you, my knee pain is gone!” I really did not give it much more thought other than feeling thankful for it.

Not thinking anything of it, by the end of the day, I suddenly realized, oh my gosh, I have no more knee pain!!!!!

It was a miracle!!! I know the Universe can work quickly, but my goodness!!!! After two months of painful joints and all of a sudden, because of one act of gratitude for health it went away!!! This is real! This is magic!!!! We are so powerful as human beings, and we don’t even know it!!!! I’m still in shock!!!! Thank you!!

Author: Danielle F
About the Author: Have been a follower of The Secret since 2012, and I’m still amazed by it!

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