Using The Magic of Secret to Get “The Magic” Book

In many cases, when it comes to small things we never but the efforts to manifest it into your life.

Today’s story will show you how if you put even a little effort into attracting a small thing into your life, you will manifest it no matter what.

I use to be a very depressed and self-conscious person. I grew up in a very suspicious society where everyone or most people believed in superstitions, witches, wizards and were very cautious of everyone as a result of what they had experienced.

I discovered The Secret in 2014 but I only watched the video in 2016. And from there, I gradually and miraculously changed from someone who used to be doubtful, sober, and angry with life and ungrateful.

I got a “soft copy” of The Magic and developed my gratitude but I couldn’t really complete it because it was an eBook. Since I was without a constant power supply to charge my phone, I could not be consistent with it.

Then in the first week of August, I walked into a bookshop to get some thumb tacks for my vision board. And lo and behold I saw a hard copy of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I did not have any money and so I promised the man that I would come back for it. I then thanked God and visualized myself physically holding the book.

In the space of 3 weeks, enough money came my way but I had other expenses to pay. I downloaded a picture of the book cover and put it as my wallpaper on my phone. Every time I would see it, it was drilling it into my subconscious.

Before the end of August, nearly 3 weeks after I first saw The Magic book, I received money from my dad! I now had enough money to buy, not only The Magic at a lower price from a different and better bookshop, but also The Power. I was able to get both books!

Ever since then, though my life is a work in progress, I am much better than I was before! I can tell you that happiness is much better than gloom. You might be reading this and thinking or asking if you can ever find joy or if the LOA is true. All you have to do is put the principles to the test. I can tell you that The Magic works like magic.

I want to say a big thank you to God and to Rhonda Byrne for bringing forth this life changing principle to save millions of people, including me! And even through this testimony, I know am attracting more testimonies from more people being helped by The Secret.

Author: David Odiase (78thpsalmist) from Lagos,Nigeria.
About the Author: I am a Nigerian, poet and art lover. An ardent fan of Rhonda Byrne. I have belief that the impossible really means I’m-possible. I have a diploma in food technology and am looking to help others find the light just as I did.

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