Success Story: Moving From a Violent Neighbourhood to a Peaceful Place

Today’s story will definitely help people who are stuck in a violent city or country. Having a better and peaceful life is possible for anyone. You just need to believe in the law of attraction and make small changes to your everyday routine.

This is the story of Valeria who was able to move from her country to Spain happily.

I was born and raised in Venezuela. When I entered my twenties, the situation in my country started to get worse and worse. I had a great job in a multinational company and yet I could not afford a pair of pants. I have had guns pointed at my head to rob my cellphone and the number of my friends murdered or kidnapped was growing longer.

I decided this was no future for me and that I needed to seek out a better quality of life. So, with no money in my pockets, I decided I was going to get a Master’s degree in Spain and that I would pay for it by finding a job. So, six months ago I departed for this adventure, leaving behind my job, family, friends and my three-year-old relationship.

I got here feeling depressed. Everyone told me that with the unemployment rate in Spain there was no way for me to get a job in the near future. They also told me that my long distance relationship would not last and that it was going to be really hard for me to be happy.

So, one day, my sister told me to watch “The Secret” movie, that it worked for her and some friends and that it was going to change my perspective. I did as she said. The next day I started to do meditation and feeling gratitude. I also started to be deeply and honestly thankful for every interview and opportunity I had.

After a month and a half of arriving in Spain, I got a job with the same salary I had visualized! It also came with a permanent contract and it is in the same field that I am doing my Master’s in. A month ago, my long distance boyfriend was able to visit me and he decided to come and live with me in the next months. In addition, I have so many friends and people that have helped me, that I feel like I could never be happier.

I still have many other goals to accomplish, but I never stop being grateful for everything I have been able to achieve, just because I am believing I deserve big things.

Author: Valeria Savani
About the Author: I am a 27 years old believer of the power of “The Secret” to change one’s life. I believe in a free Venezuela, in a bright future for me and that I will be able to hug my family again. I love life, and so, I am always happy and grateful for every opportunity I have.

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