Success Story: How to Manifest Your Larger Goals Quickly

Most of the times when using the law of attraction, our mind automatically tends to put a later date on larger goals. This story will show you how time is not a factor in manifesting your dreams, it mainly depends on the conviction and faith that you have in your mind.

I hope this story by AB helps you achieve your dreams and goals in a faster way.

This story is inspired by Rhonda Bryne’s healing of her eye sight. In The Secret audio book, she tells of her regaining her sight in just three days. She knew she could do it and could do it fast.

I had a wish I wanted to manifest at great speed. Now this was something quite “monumental”, but as we all know, there is no size for the Universe. And often when I thought about this great thing I wanted to manifest, I would allow Rhonda’s words to swirl in my mind. I used many tools to get myself to truly believe that this great thing would happen and would happen fast. I imagined, played out scenes and placed myself in the place where this had been manifested. I did everything that meant for me that this was happening.

This big thing was me getting my student visa to Switzerland. The process takes up to 4 to 6 months but due to a few reasons, I had applied only weeks before I was set to leave. I also remembered the story shared by Rhonda of her sister wanting to move to America. I looked closely at my actions and realized that I was not fully acting as though I was leaving. I decided I was going to book my flight for a set date. I found myself accommodations for a month and paid for it in full. Then I got to the packing.

What was keeping me from acting as though I was leaving was my focus on my business which I would be leaving behind. Without realizing it, the manner in which I was focusing on the business was keeping me in the country. I decided that I would assign with ease, all tasks to my creative director and fully trust her to take care of things well for me.

After making a few monumental decisions regarding my business, things for my move abroad started opening up. I am very happy to share this story and I am writing it at my new apartment in Switzerland. My visa was granted two days before I had been set on leaving. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am forever grateful to Rhonda Bryne, The Secret team and every other teacher I engage with on my life journey. I am grateful for the amazing stories on this site, which I regard as my bedtime stories.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe for the daily blessings!

Author: AB from South Africa.

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