Success Story: Getting An iPad Free With the Law of Attraction

Well, you can use the law of attraction to fulfil any wish that you have. Today’s story will show you how the author manifested an iPad totally free with the help of the law of attraction.

Last 2009, I was selected to be part of a leadership training in USA. During that time, the first Apple iPad was launched. My wife and I was very excited and thrilled to have one. Every day we are browsing through the internet just to see the iPad. A week before my flight I got my travel allowance. It was enough for my one week stay. Before going to sleep, my wife and I planned to buy an iPad. However, the per diem allowance I had was not enough to buy an iPad. Our savings was not enough as well. But our thoughts of getting one and our positive thinking was very strong. Every night for one week before my flight, we’d close our eyes and imagined that we are holding the iPad and we were chanting iPad! iPad! iPad!

On the day of my flight, our thoughts remained the same, that we want an iPad! After my arrival in the USA, I went to different stores, just to hold an iPad. Looking at the price, the money that I had was not enough but I felt excited every time I touched the iPad. I called my wife and told her how I was thrilled holding the iPad.

During the last day of the training, we were given the certificate of completing the training and the executive team of the company was present. Low and behold, our COO and HR VP announced that because of our great work, the company gave us an iPad!

I could not believe if I was dreaming or heard it differently but when the box was handed to me and I opened it, I knew that the law of attraction worked really well at that moment. I went home excited and happy to give the iPad to my wife.

Truly, Law of Attraction works. Now, I am reading The Magic and preparing for the 28 days of practicing and living The Magic! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Author: Mike R from Philippines.
About the Author: A loving and hardworking husband and father of three beautiful girls.

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