Success Story: Changing Your Life With the Secret & The Magic

Today’s success story will show you, how it is never too late to turn things around in your favour. A small change in attitude and thinking and in fact start bringing positive things into your life. If you truly want to lead a positive life, you just needs to change the way you think. So this is how the story goes;

It was just a year after my marriage. I had to do my classes along with my household chores and due to an arranged marriage I had some adjusting issues. Four months before my exams I went to my parent’s place and things started going wrong. I used to think and think about what my in-laws might be thinking about me and how I was devoting so much of my time to my studies. After a month or so I started having problems with my sleep. I used to just not sleep until 4 am and my thoughts continued and continued.

The day came that I had to be on some Ayurvedic pills that helped me sleep. I was just crying all day, cursing myself and my parents for getting me married. Due to my sleeplessness I lost 10 kg in just a month and I had a lot of hair fall out all of a sudden. I just could not study as my mind always felt tired. It went on and on. I went to my in-law’s place. I had fights with my husband and even my in-laws now and then. They started ignoring me. Things were going wrong and after 8 months of being so tired and thinking so negative, I finally wrote a suicide letter. I wrote that I was not able to handle my feelings and being so tired, and please do not blame my in-laws or my husband.

When I reread the note I realized it was me who was the problem and then I called my best friend. She took me to a psychiatrist and the doctor’s first counselling was all about “How I attracted my situation” and it all felt similar to what I had seen and heard in the documentary of “The Secret” a few months ago. I realized that this was all was caused because of my thoughts. Then I started with watching The Secret again and again and every time I watched it I learned and connected to something new. Then I bought The Magic and started doing my practices sincerely.

Just after a month of doing The Magic practices and touch ups with my doctor about the application of The Secret, I felt well. Really well! My husband knew about my practices and one day he said. ‘This month felt I was really married and now your smile touches your eyes like it used to before marriage. I have started my studies back. I do my classes and household chores and still I feel just so energetic and lively at the end of day. My sleep, hair and adjusting issues just evaporated. I still do lose my temper and speak ill sometimes to my husband or parents, but my fights or bad feelings don’t last longer than a few minutes. I have posted everywhere our room the learning’s from The Magic and I practice and live The Magic every day. I have started applying The Secret even on the smallest things in my life now. I sit at my favorite place in class every day. I have not taken any pills for over 2 months and I am smiling and giggling all day. I got my life, my husband and my family back through The Secret. My test results are awaited and we are planning a baby and I know next month I am going to receive both!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Ma’am for sharing The Secret with us. You brought back the spark in me.

Author: Chetna J. from Indore, India.
About the Author: I am CA final student, married and expecting a baby next year.

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