Success Story: Amazingly Flawless Skin With The Law of Attraction

Today’s story is different than other success stories that we had posted before. This story shows how you can use the law of attraction to get beautiful flawless skin. Acne is the biggest nightmare for many teenagers throughout the world. This story says how worrying about it deteriorates the condition and what exactly should be done.

A few years back I developed a bad skin condition. I had acne all over my face. It never receded. As soon as a few acne were healed I used to get more in other areas of my face. I was literally fed up. I tried everything. I desperately wanted it to heal but I ended up attracting more acne because I continuously stressed over it. Then there was one point when my skin became so bad I did not even feel like looking in the mirror. I hated myself. I lost all confidence. I avoided socializing. Not only did I have severe acne but also deep scars, marks, blemishes and pits. Seeing myself in the mirror was a torture. I literally used to cry over it.

Then after a few months I came to know about The Secret and was deeply influenced by it. Although I practised it to attract a lot of material things, I had never thought I could use it to attract a clear face, too. That was until recently when I started reading The Secret stories and came across a few stories where people like me had attracted beautiful skin.

I knew what I had to do. I stopped using the anti acne products, just normal face wash, that was it. I stopped thinking about my acne. It was hard but I tried to convince myself that I have perfect, flawless skin. I used affirmations to help me believe it. I wrote down how I wanted my skin to be and gave thanks for it every day. I visualized myself the way I wanted to look. Every night before going to sleep I would condition my mind to believe that I would wake up with beautiful, flawless, super glowing skin. However, I also accepted myself the way I was currently and I started loving my skin the way it was.

I no longer felt ashamed of it. I felt good about myself. I began going out confidently and doing stuff I would do if I had that perfect skin. And believe me, in just one week I had baby soft, fair and flawless skin. Flawless!! I mean it.

I am so, so, very happy and grateful to the Universe. It is like a dream come true. If you saw me now I bet you would never even think I could have ever had a pimple.

It all starts with a conscious decision. Decide, believe, do and let go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe.

Thank you everyone for sharing you stories and inspiring people like me to believe and create my own story of gratitude.

Author Alex from India.


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