The Law of Attraction Success Story: Moving to a Better Home With The Secret

I was drowning in debt having to decide, on a weekly basis, whether to pay a bill or my mortgage and in some cases, eat. I also had a personal loan and I was too old to get a decent job. Call centres were my only option. As each week passed I could not help but go backwards. But I kept my faith with The Secret, even though it was difficult at times.

But the power of intention is strong.

One Thursday morning a few weeks ago, I woke up and told myself that I would have the answer to my problem that morning. I had no idea how. The morning passed and nothing seemed to happen. Then at five minutes to midday a friend telephoned to ask if I had thought of selling my house. When the bank suggested it a few weeks earlier, my heart sank. But my friend told me it had become a seller’s market and told me how much the people on her street were getting. I had had had no idea. I decided to find out, intending to clean up before calling a particular R/E agent on Monday morning.

On the Sunday, the very agents that I had intended to contact were going from door to door looking for available properties. I was not ready as I was still in my pyjamas at mid-Sunday afternoon. So I asked if they could come back the next day. I took it as a wink from the Universe.

Long story short, they came back the next day and within half an hour my house was listed for, surprisingly, much more than I would have expected. Within the week I had several interested buyers and by Saturday I had three offers. Naturally, I accepted the best offer which was even more than the asking price.

What he offered was enough to clear my existing mortgage and buy a small apartment outright.
And here’s the double whammy. When I had set my intention, told the Universe what I was looking for and got exactly what I wanted!

The settlement was last Friday. Everything went smoothly, no stress whatsoever and I have just paid my final outstanding bill. So, I am now mortgage-free! I no longer have to worry about trying to find work with train journeys late at night with a long, dark, walk back to my car.

A big thank you to Rhonda and the Universe.

Author: Jean Drew from Auckland, New Zealand
About the Author: I am a romance writer, freelance writer, editor and proofreader.

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