The Law of Attraction Success Story: An Amazing Adventure

I regularly read and reread The Magic. Gratitude plays a big part of my life and I have been rewarded a hundredfold for so many things. I have a few stories to tell.

Last year I developed a rash on my left side of my torso. Panicked, I went to the doctors that Monday morning. My doctor explained to me that I had developed shingles! I was about to go on holiday in the sun. I wanted to wear some nice swimmers, it was my first holiday with a guy I was seeing. Oh no, right? Well, as soon as I left the doctors I went straight to the library and took out The Magic.

I read one, two or sometimes three chapters every day. I was grateful for the shingles. So strange but I believed I was grateful for the shingles. Why? Because this taught me that I have beautiful skin. I was grateful for every part of my body. I saturated myself with gratitude that week.

As a result, my shingles didn’t spread bigger than a finger’s length. I did not get any other symptoms, my skin cleared up and I got a good four days off work to spend with my dog.

That week I was also looking for a handbag for the plane. I searched for hours and nearly ended up buying a bag worth $160. But then all of a sudden, I had the urge to go to the op shop. I found the perfect bag for three dollars!

That very same week, I needed some new runners. I had a look online at a store nearby. I found the shoes I wanted and walked down to the store to buy them. I asked the service people and he couldn’t find them anywhere. He went on to try to sell me another very nice pair of shoes. They were what I was looking for, kind of, but not the ones I saw online. I had a look through the boxes myself and pulled out a box with my size on it. As I opened the box, inside was no lie, were the shoes I had seen online! In my size! Someone had put them in the wrong place and they were $140 cheaper than the shoes he was trying to sell me!

Gratitude is the ultimate key to every aspect of your life. My relationship with my sister has flourished, my friendships are better than they have ever been before and my head has never been so clear.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this wonderful key to happiness.

Author: Meesha from New Zealand.
About the Author: I am 23 and living in Melbourne. I love music, travel, movies, experiences, alone time and meeting new people.

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